year 2017


The year 2017 is the year of joy and abundance. In the past 2016, some of us suffered from debt, failure, loneliness but you’ve got to believe that this year is different. God will restore your faith, your business, you financial, even your health.


I want to share the 5 simple strategies to grow your our income in 2017 that came from a great preacher. And what I like on his preaching is he’s telling these 5 things because he already did these on his life.

The 5 strategies to grow your income

A. You got to Believe on Yourself and You got to Believe on God

Believing yourself can help you to reach your goals, your dreams and visions. This is really important matter for each us, that believing on our skills, and setting up our mindset can help us to change our lifestyle and even our financial stats.

Secondly, you got to believe on God. As we know, All things are possible with God and We can do all things through Christ who strengthen us. Believing everyday that God will bless you and help you to your daily tasks. And help you to grow your income.

One of my tips is read affirmations and declared it every morning. Here’s mine by declaring it you need to believe that God will bless you abundantly.

B. Serve

You need to serve. Why? Because it helps you to enhance your skills. It will helps you to learn more skills. You can serve by helping others life. By inspiring them to go and don’t give up with life.

C. You got to Grow Yourself

Growing is part of life and we still need it even if we are too old. You need to focus on one thing. Find your passion let we say, you are doing great in playing guitar then go for it. Do the practice daily so that, you can generate income with this passion.

D. You got to Learn Duplicating

Working alone with lot of tasks is very hard and yes I know it is really hard. If you have a business that are growing you can’t do the job alone. You need to teach someone and hire him to help you to manage the business, so that you can focus on other business and do the same thing. Teach others and hire them.

E. You have to Invest

Retirement are included to our life. That’s why other persons such entrepreneurs, business owners are investing to stock market while they are young.  You need to look at the tree. As an example, the tree was grown by yearly and you can observed that tree’s life is also like on us, but when the tree’s going old you can see his leaves. They are much more than their young age.


I love these 5 things and happy to applied each of them on my life. What is your thoughts? Please leave a comment below.




“Gratitude is the strongest magnet for attracting blessings”.

What are the blessings that you received on 2016? Take it down, or write it to your mobile phone, tablets and start thanking God.

The year 2016 are already passed and we now we are here at 2017. There’s a lot of things happens on the previous year, either it’s a failures, victories, happiness, sadness, we are still thanking God for his kindness.

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3 simple things to do to succeed in 2017.

  1. Gratitude
  2. Get rid off garbage (unforgiveness, recentless)
  3. Make a decision to your life


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