About CEN

Christian Entrepreneurs Networks

CEN is created to be an instrument for sharing the word of God, empowering and praying each of us. All is welcome on this community. even your not a christian you can feel free to read our blogs, or join the community.

As an busy Entrepreneur, we really need the word of God that will guide us for our daily plan on our business. Since we don't know the things that will happen on future, God always teach us the better way. Once the holy spirit speaks with us, we need to obey it.

God really wants us to be succeed. not only in our business, but also on our spiritual life. because we all know that we can't bring our properties, money and other things when we passed away. The perfect reward by God is to lived with him and have the eternal life.

Your goal on Earth

Did you try to asked yourself about your goal here on Earth? Personally I tried it and I find out that my purpose here on earth is I need to used my knowledge, my talents, my profession, the business to spread the word of God.  how about yours?  are you working, because of money? or to survive in daily life.

Well that is normal, because we all need that. but when you read the Matthew 6:33 it say's

 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

This is one of the promise by God that I holding on when I accepted him as my Lord and savior. and til now I'm happy to served God in every moment of my life.

Inspired  others today, be a blessings and God will bless you.

Giving Thanks always and for everything to God father. -Ephesians 5:20