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God is always on time


Do you believe that God is always on time, never behind and never ahead? Absolutely Yes! Always remember that even though you're facing the hardest and unpredictable trials in your life, God will never let you down! Never lose your hope and faith with his works. Because he knows you better than yourself. He knows the right timing, he knows everything, so never give up your faith with these trials.


Wait on Gods timing and always be Patient


Sometimes, we didn't wait for Gods answers. We easily decide to make a decision, which is the wrong decision and not the way of what is God wants to happened. If you remember the story of Job. Satan wants to challenge Job's faith, and its happened. Job encountered different of trials. He became poor and all of his siblings died. But, in the end, God talked to him on a powerful way. God used a natural things like a storm, why? because God want's job to realize what are the capacities of his power, since God is the creator, all things are possible to Him.

Did Job give up? No. Instead of giving up he praised God and thanking him for all the trials that he conquered. You need to remember that trials are always a challenge, after this the reward and the blessings of God is waiting for you.


Trials are just like supplements


Yes, We all need this, and no one are exempted. Trials are just like vitamins, Why? Because this is the way to measure our faith with God. It helps us more to strengthen our faith to Him. Thanking Him for his kindness, for his grace and for his love.

I believe.... . .

There's a reason why you're here and why you are reading this now. I know that you are facing trials, maybe it's on health, business, financial, families. But, God is able to heal and restore you right away, right now. Start to talk to him, pray and believe, keep your faith and never ever give up. Remember, that God loves you more than the way you love him.

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The Thrill of Being a Real Christian


Did you tried to ask yourself if you are a real Christian? Or either know what a real Christian need to do on his or her daily life?

In this blog you will learn what a real Christian is. What a real Christian is to do on his or her daily life and what are the five supernatural signs that real Christian have.

What is a real Christian?


A real Christian is a true believer of Jesus Christ, in His death, burial and resurrection, who has received the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit and then moves by the power of the Holy Spirit to begin to do the things Jesus said to do. A real Christian does the “stuff”.

What a real Christian will do?


On Mark 16:15 “He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

If you are a real Christian, you need to share the gospel, the word of God to others.  Your age doesn’t matter, Your Profession doesn’t matter, Your Capability is doesn’t matter as long as you can preach and share it.

2 Timothy 1:7 says “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of sound mind. God gives you power to get job done, the love to motivate you, and a soundness of mind to know what to do and what to say at the right time in each place you go.

The Five Supernatural signs that a real Christian have.


Read “Mark 16:17-20”.

  1. In His name you will cast out devils. Read “Mark 9:18-25”.

You can fight the way of devils by using His powerful name. You can rebuke and cast out works of the devils.

  1. You will speak with new tongues. Read “Acts 2:4”.
  2. Take up Serpent. The “Serpents” represent Satan. When you go places, God will give a divine communication system, a divine power to drive demons out of people, and also a divine authority to remove the power of Satan from regions.
  3. If you drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt you. This means divine protection.
  4. You will lay hands on the sick and they will recover.

Personal Questions:

  1. If you were on trial for being a Christian, would be there be enough evidence to convict you?
  2. How you can use your business, professions, talent to share the gospel?
  3. Do you have the five supernatural signs of a real believer? If yes, how and when did you use it?

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Resist the Temptation

Are you facing a temptation today? 

Temptation is everywhere and anyone can be hook by different temptations. One of the examples of temptation is addicted on drugs, It has been flooded around the globe and some of the victims are mostly youths.

Temptations are happens on the family, business, ministries and others. Even our Lord Jesus, was trying to outwit by satan when the times he's staying here on earth. but what Jesus did to overcome the temptations? He used the word of God to avoid satan! Read on Matthew 4:10.

Temptation is unexpected

We cannot expect where will be the temptation come from. but it happens on our daily life. but how can we overcome to these temptations? Well we need to the trust Lord with all our heart and applied the word of God in our daily life. Like Lord Jesus did, we can also avoid and defeat temptations by using the power of word of God. have faith on him because he is always with us and he will never let us alone in the battle.

Temptation in Business

Are you facing any temptations on your business right now? Talk to God, communicate to him and always keep your faith by believing that God will help you to overcome these temptations. God will comfort you. even if the temptation is so hard, he knows what will be the best for you. Ask God for his grace, wisdom to do the right thing. Always remember God loves you so much and there's no such things on earth can change that.

Read the inspirational word of God in  1Corinthians 10:13

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