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Finally, we launched Christian Entrepreneurs Networks communities website online and to be honest with you there are so many trials that are stopping me to publish this site. One of this, is the financial resources and the rest are the family stuffs. but our God is so so good. He never let anyone to be down and give up with these trials and I am thanking God for always taking care of me in every minutes of my life.

A short Introduction.

I am Dominic.  I am a Christian since I am baptized on way back 2000. In the present now, I am involved in Worship Ministry on our church and God anointed me to handle this ministry. I am also a online freelancer, helping small business owner to manage their daily tasks through communicating online.  I am not advertising my profession here, but what I can tell to you is God gave me this opportunity to help each other through empowering by word of God, advising, teaching and praying for each other.

You can share your story or even if you struggled in different situations, don't be hesitate post it here to our website or go to our community facebook page.

For your inquiries

If you have a question, or suggestion please use the contact page  so we can know what is your opinion and suggestion about the community.


Love bind us together in perfect unity. -Colossians 3:14

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